Salem Witch TrialsCDr
The Barracks Of AfghanistanCS
Torturing Nurse & Radiocore Blowjob "Killing Me Softly With Your Love Song"CDr
G.X. Jupitter Larsen & IDX1274 "Sandpaper & Vinyl"CDr
Realicide "Byproduct of My Life"CS
Ferveur Noire & Rotted Brain "In Praise of The Sadomasochistic Sex Kitten"CDr
Filthy Turd "Death Ray Orgasm / No Sexual Hygiene"CS
XV Parowek "Jumping Head"CDr
Crank Sturgeon "Glory Tape and Trough of Beslubbering Fish"CS
Hot Tapes "The Dapper Synchophage"CS
Atrax Morgue "I'm Infected"7"
The Barracks Of Afghanistan "Mother Tongue"CS
The Barracks Of Afghanistan "Color"CS
Black Leather Jesus "This Is The Way I Treat You"LP
Ben-David Gilman "Hunger"7"